Starting Today

2012-10-23 07:47:26 by messyboi

I will be loyal to NG and stay on it like a Junkie Until I get a great amount of listeners and 5 star ratings.


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2016-12-13 17:35:25

Been a few years... hope you haven't given up yet! ;)

messyboi responds:

Actually I havent Im starting up a new youtube channel and will be posting every friday. Bluntforge is the name of it...Thanks for checking up on me man


2016-12-15 05:32:33

Oh, cool, you are still here! :D I wasn't really expecting such a quick reply. Nice. Any thoughts on submitting more stuff on NG too? I don't do much YT, but that is where the bigger audience is for sure.

messyboi responds:

Yeah man, I just made a new song today i'll post it when its complete. also I have one i can post now its called 10 shots deap


2016-12-18 09:05:42

Cool. :) Let me know if/when you do; I'll give it a review.